Friday, November 18, 2005

Rail Payanangal

Ever since i came to delhi in 1995 i have become a compulsive traveller.I made a rough calculation about my train travails and i found out that i have spent a minimum of one year of my life on trains!! Initially i used to enjoy interaction with the fellow travellers.But soon i started getting bored as everything started falling in to a pattern. From the looks and a few minutes observation i could make out the contours of the conversation that is posible in a day or two of our sharing of small space. So nowadays i observe mouna viratham on my travels and divide my time between books and overhearing others talk.The past few weeks have been hectic and i could not find time even to surf and blog.I am happy that atlast somebody had faith in my creativity and i am indebted to bindu for giving me an opportunity. But alas i was bowled out by that googhly.In the past couple of months i have had the fortune to traverse the length and breadth of our forsaken land and instead of trumpeting about the places i shall give only the itinery.


Mussoorie-Shimla-Sangla(one day drive from shimla along the sutlej)henceforth by trek-Rupin Pass(5400 mts)-Jhaka(H.P)-Naitwar(uttranchal)trek ends-mussoorie

Mussoorie-Delhi-Hoshangabad(M.P)-Tawa tiger reserve-Hoshangabad-Delhi-Mussoorie



Delhi-Ahmedabad-Somnath-Diu-Gir Sanctuary-Ahmedabad-Delhi



Delhi-Agra-Fathepur Sikri-Delhi

Delhi-Indore-Mandu fort-Ujjain-Delhi





Delhi-Agra-Fathepur Sikri-Delhi