Monday, October 10, 2005

Deciphering the Dress Code

The confusion that arose after the publication of party photos of The Park seems to have acquired a life of its own and is portrayed as a diaster of tsunamian magnitude by both the sides. As a wanna be famous blogger i am compelled by the circumstances to add to the confusion!

How important is dress code and drinking/smoking by women to a culture? If anyone has the time and interest to look into our own past they will realise this as a tragic-comedy. The progressive -feminist brigade has rose in one voice to defend the right of girls(and ladies too) to dance as they wish and drink what they want.But why is this voice so loud only when there is a threat to the lifestyle of the elite? The guardians of tamil culture are neither knowledgable in Tamil nor cultured.I am the best example for what these guardians have done to Tamils.My writing skill in Tamil is non existent and in English it is poor.I studied till my eighth standard in an English Medium school without learning a word of English and also Tamil. I speak a language that is a mixture of Tamil and English in unintelligent proportions.But the worst part was i lost the ability to think in any language!!! Women of my grand ma's generation and before didnot wear the blouse. May be being topless was in fashion then. So many women from rural heartlands smoke beedi/cigar/ what's revolutionary in our feminists smoking under the notion that patriarchy is going up in smoke? Dress code will continue to change as has been happening since the beginning of the human civilization. The question is under what context. so let's fight over and argue over more substantial issues like personal laws and right in property for women!!

A plausible solution for the confusion over what and how women must wear . GO FOR DIGITAL DRESSING.


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